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The Sun is a jerk. He's trying to burn your eyes out of your skull, for basically no reason (unless you did something really inappropriate to the Sun, in which case shut up and take your medicine). Luckily, Nike's had enough of his bullying, and they've got eye-armor for you. Protect your eyes and look sexier/mysterious/cooler.
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Ends on December 20 at 9AM CT

About Nike

Famous for, among other things, telling everybody to "Just do it." Unfortunately, Nike has never bothered to clarify what "it" is, likely leading to any number of easily influenced customers doing incredibly stupid things. Possibly very funny things (drinking the expired milk in the fridge) or horrible, dark things (that the voices in their heads had been telling them do for weeks before, and all they needed was that little push...). For my money? I think "it" is "buy shoes and sunglasses."
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