Optoma Projectors: Who Watches Watchmen? You Can!

The best part of a movie isn't the movie. It's seeing that movie projected so large that every tiny Easter Egg becomes clear. With a new projector, you can at last notice the secret Ant-Man hidden in Loki's ear. No, seriously. He's there. Buy a projector and you'll see him. Cross our heart.

Ends on October 19 at 9AM CT

About Projectors

Sometimes there's a movie that's so grand, you can't just watch it… you have to EXPERIENCE it! That's what a projector is for, the larger than life feeling that comes from… okay, we just have to say it: the Doctor Who parody your college sketch comedy group put together? That will never ever look as good as Alphaville, no matter which projector you buy. Accept it now or it'll break your heart later.