Organize Your Garage

Your garage. Probably a chaotic abyss of infinite despair and little organization. A realm in which logistics and convenience cease to have meaning, an Escherian dreamscape haunted by the impossible complexities of a material modern life, chipping away at what's left of your psyche. But Akro-Mils can help. Quit staring into the abyss and start organizing it.

Ends on December 21 at 9AM CT

About Garages

A good place to keep your car, motorcycle, vespa, bike, skateboard, Batmobile, Batcopter, Batwing, Batlandboat, Batglider, Batskates, Batrocketpack, Battobbagan, and... ok, yeah, it's probably wrong of me to assume you're Batman. But I want you to be Batman, and you should want to be Batman. We should all want to be Batman. Because he has the best garage.