Ray-Ban Sunglasses (Men's & Women's)

We're making one last push for the beach season. If you don't impress 'em now, you gotta wait a whole year to try again. Step up that summer romance with some glasses that reflect your inner charm. And if you don't have charm, they'll help you bluff.
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Ends on July 30 at 9AM CT

About Ray-Ban

You think this mean Ray is forbidden? Boy, do you have a lot to learn. Ray-Bans are some of the very best sunglasses we know. They look cool, they feel cool, they keep your eyes healthy and they add a little flair to your wardrobe. Ray-Bans have been at home on the heads of sports heroes and over the eyes of rock stars, and now they want to hang out with you. Don't walk away. This is your big chance to actually be somebody.
Ray-Ban official site