Sole Fitness Treadmills: Not The Sole Sole

We here at Woot are all about the options. Maybe you like the F63 best, or maybe your needs are a little different. Whatever, we don't judge. Well, that's not true, but we don't judge YOU. Just our co-workers. Speaking of which, did you see that shirt that Betty is wearing today? Ugh, right?
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Ends on December 8 at 12AM CT

About Sole

Sole is a popular type of fish that also makes excellent treadmills. How can a fish make treadmills, you ask? I don't know, we answer, how CAN a fish make treadmills? And then you look at us funny and say "No, that wasn't a joke" and we reply "Neither are these treadmills." And then, grasshopper, there comes understanding.
Sole official site