Turtle Beach: Hear Them Coming

Turtle Beach. The most dangerous killing ground in all the internet. Beset on all sides by thirty-something retirees with no friends, precocious teenagers with unresolved anger issues, and most dangerous of all, quiet, good natured people who like videogames. It's a madhouse, but your odds of survival go up if you can hear the bastards.

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About Turtle Beach

Founded by the fifth, less famous ninja turtle Botticelli after a falling out with Splinter. Deciding that actual hand-to-hand combat wasn't for him, but still hungering for the thrill of the kill, Botticelli quickly adapted his training to online gaming. Unsatisfied with the headsets on the market, he designed his own, hoping to give himself an unfair competitive advantage. Then he realized he could make money of them, and Turtle Beach was born.