Vacuums Galore 2: Vac Harder

Critics went wild for our first Vacuums Galore sale! "Woot's selling vacuums?! UNHEARD OF!" raved one sarcastic forum poster. "These suck!" said another, very uninspired user. "Y U NO PUT DEZ ON HOME.WOOT OMG LOL" asked one user while clearly in the throes of a stroke. Well now it's back and slightly better than before!

Ends on September 25 at 9AM CT

About the things in your carpet

They know what's coming. All that dirt and dust, all the hair and the detritus of every life, they know what destiny has in store. Soon, the Great Vac will let loose its terrible roar and roll across the land, trying to suck all in its path into its awful, bristly maw. Many will be taken. Some will be left behind to wonder when their time will come. But before then, they will live and life harder and more completely than any one of us ever will.