Weather Channel Gizmos

Science. Thanks to fictional visionaries like Reed Richards, Lex Luthor, and Doc Savage, it can control anything from cosmic rays to mentally deficient clones of a certain Kryptonian pest. And thanks to real visionaries at the Weather Channel, it can help us understand the weather. Less impressive? Maybe. More practical? I guess that depends on how often you need to go to Latveria.

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About The Weather Channel

It's a news station, which of course means it's horribly biased. It's very meteorologically leaning, with basically no coverage of issues that don't play into the agenda of the storm chaser constituency. Upside, most of their newscasters are pretty, at least. I just wish they'd back off on pushing their weather-based agenda and focus on the other issues that really matter, like getting Todd and the Book of Pure Evil back on the air for a third season.