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Part of being on a team is that you get free stuff. Yes, yes, we all know there are "laws" about that, but come on. You think a kid that plays for a college hasn't earned a free hoodie? These days that's not even a bribe! Go on, offer your Congressperson a free hoodie if they'll change their vote, see how far that gets you.

But part of supporting a team is that you don't get free stuff. And sometimes you get let down. And sometimes you still have to pay full price for a hoodie even when your team is having a terrible year. And the athletes go to get free food and rubdowns and have conversations with sports psychologists while you pay fifty bucks for gas and suffer through a half-portion of ten dollar nachos. Where's YOUR pay off, huh? When do YOU get something back?

Hey, today's your chance. Today you can pick up a licensed NCAA hoodie for less. Today you can keep a little money in your pocket while also supporting your team at the same time. Feels good, right? Today, YOU'RE the hero of the story!

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NCAA Hoodies
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