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The sky is no longer the limit.

For everything that happens in this world, there has to have been a first. The first person to put chocolate and peanut butter together. The first person to stand on their head while milking a cow. The first person to proclaim that Disco is dead.

The late 1950s and early '60s brought forth a lot of firsts in space. The first dog in space. The first person in space. The first going-number-two in space. No one talks about that last one, but it has to have happened. There's a certain esteem garnered from being the first of anything. So now's your chance.

You could be the first person to launch a meatball 750 feet into the air. Or the first person to strap a selfie stick to a rocket. Perform your calculations right, and you could even be the first person to whack a pinata from a descending, colorful 18-inch parachute.

The people who say that everything's already been done just don't have a big enough imagination, or an Estes Model Rocket Kit. You'll soon have both. When that happens, there'll be no stopping you, or your meatball.

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Estes Ready-to-Fly Rocket Bundle (Helicat + 3 Rockets)
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