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We're not body shaming! This vacuum just happens to be very slim and lightweight.

We think people are beautiful no matter what size they are or how much they weigh.

But vacuums, unlike people, sometimes need to fit into that sliver of space between the broom and the trash can in the closet.

And vacuums, unlike people, often need to be picked up and carried around, sometimes for extended periods of time.

Also vacuums, unlike people, have no ears, so they can't hear you talking about their weight or their size anyway.

And ALSO vacuums, unlike people, have no feelings so even if they could hear you commenting on your weight, they wouldn't care because they're not capable of caring about anything. We think. We're pretty sure.

But maybe, just in case vacuums do have feelings we don't know about and ears we haven't discovered yet, don't let your old, wide, heavy vacuum hear you talking about how slim and lightweight your new vacuum is. We don't condone body shaming or vacuum shaming.


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Dyson V6 Slim
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