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Definitely not a sandwich press.

While it's true that some laptops get warm while you're using them, this particular laptop does not get warm enough to melt cheese or toast bread. This is not a sandwich press and should not be used as one.

And while it's also true that this laptop has two flat pieces connected by a hinge just like a sandwich press normally has, this laptop was not intended to press sandwiches of any kind. In fact, you'll find that if you try to press a sandwich on this computer that the sides are not heavy enough to give the sandwich that slightly-flat texture that comes from traditional sandwich press cooking.

You can, however, use this computer to order yourself a delicious grilled sandwich over the internet or, perhaps, to read recipes for grilled sandwiches online. You can even use it to order yourself a sandwich press, if you want.

That is, you can do those things if you haven't already tried using this laptop as a sandwich press. If you have, just make sure to clean up all the crumbs and cheese before you try anything else.

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