The Internet is like a big haunted house. And this is the key.

The paranormal can be scary. There are a bunch of invisible menaces yelling and telling you to get out. There are dark corners that don't seem to have any way in or out. There are skeletons in all the closets and you can hear weird noises playing just beyond your line of sight. Yes, the world of spirits is basically just like the Internet.

But don't worry! Those spirits can be fun, too! You can watch them entertain you, and you can have special charms to keep you safe from their attacks! You can even communicate with the invisible people, and some of them are friendly! And it all starts with this modem.

Plug it in. Turn it on. Say "Is anybody there?" Then connect to the Internet and see what it has to show you. BUT BEWARE! Some spirits are jerks and will post gross-out pictures on message boards. And don't EVEN get us started about the cult of torrent ratios. That way lies madness.

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Arris SB6183 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem
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