Cool Gadgets from iTouchless

Do you think members of the 18th-century French aristocracy touched their garbage cans and pepper grinders? Heck no! They had other people do that for them, and you can be just like them with these handy iTouchless "servants." What could possibly go wrong? 
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Ends on September 30 at 9AM CT

About iTouchless

The founders just read too many X-Men comics as kids, and have been trying to live the closest thing they can to a Marvel Girl life ever since. Creating robots that remove the need for physical contact is just their attempt to simulate telekinesis, much like all the experimental brain surgery they've been doing on those vagrants they "adopted" is just in hopes of developing telepathy. Somebody should probably stop them, come to think of it. But that hands-free toilet seat IS pretty cool.
iTouchless official site