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Firm Fitness For fYoga Folks!

Yoga. It's God's (or Buddha's or Ganesha's or whomever's) way of letting you get just a little bit closer, by voluntarily causing yourself a great deal of discomfort, followed by a great deal of relaxation and inner peace. It's predicated on stretching and breathing, so take a breath, and stretch your wallet all the way to Nirvana.

Ends on December 10 at 9AM CT

About The Firm

Years ago, in a corrupt law office, Senior Partners Bob Imalie and Jack U. Nreal had a problem: they were making a killing by being unscrupulous backstabbers, but the moral toll was manifesting physically. Bob's back, covered in metaphorical stab wounds, couldn't move, and Jack couldn't insincerely shake hands without wincing. So they spent some ill-gotten wealth on yoga, and quickly healed from their physical maladies. Better, they healed from their psychological maladies. Saved by the power of yoga, and finally at peace, they fired all their evil lawyers, hired some hippies, and repurposed the business towards spreading physical relief and inner peace. Not for free, though. They were lawyers; obviously they're going to make a buck off this.
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