Flameless LED Candles

In case the authorities are reading this, I'm TOTALLY kidding about setting my house on fire. (But seriously, if you know a guy, give him my number.) So I'm underwater by 70% and hemorraging money on a home I can't sell, but that's no reason to commit insurance fraud! (No, really, you know a guy?) I'll just do the responsible thing and ride it out til the market rebounds.

Ends on January 17 at 9AM CT

About Flameless Candles

Sure, you can't burn down your house with these. But you also can't roast marshmallows for s'mores or impress the ladies by doing that "I'm totally brushing my hand over this open flame right now" trick. You think about that next time you're lighting one of these up. Alone. And without delicious marshmallowy treats.