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Where else are you going to find headphones, TVs, speakers, and iPhone docks on the same webpage? Actually, we're probably doing the same thing in one of our other plus sales at this very moment, but you're already here, so stay for awhile, why don't you?

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About GPX and iLive

GPX and iLive are two very different things, so which of them do you want to know more about. We could dive deep into the intricacies of GPX or we could let you know what makes iLive tick. Another option is we could combine the two and just tell you about both, but then do they really get the attention they deserve? See, these are questions we must ask, and then we must do extensive research so that we can provide the facts for you and provide them accurately. Anyway, we have asked plenty of questions among our team about what we're going to talk about, and you know what? We think we have an answer for you ... but, wait, what is that? Oh, it looks like we've run out of space.