Gunnar Optiks

The eyes have it, or so they say. What "it" is exactly depends on interpretation; some cultures claim"it" is the soul, the psyche, or the very essence of oneself. For my money, "it" is the ability to perceive the world visually, but no matter who's right, "it" is worth protecting. And if protecting "it" makes you sexier, so much the better.

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About Gunnar Optiks

Not to be confused with Gunner Optics (a sniper in a crappy videogame with lazily named characters like Explo Sion, Stabword Swordarm, and primary love interest Useless Fee Male), Gunnar Optiks is here to cover your eyes in something awesome. Specifically, glasses. For gaming, mostly. Or for just looking debonair (even if you're secretly not debonair, Gunnar won't rat you out). You can even when you're Gunnar Optiks while you slog through a crummy level as Gunner Optics, if you want.