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Home Environment : Hot 'n Cold

Got a warm fuzzy feeling? Maybe a little too warm, even? Well, turn on the fan, get it back to ideal warmth and fuzziness. Got an ice-cold heart? I suppose you could wait for some improbably lovable manic pixie dream girl to defrost you ... or you could flick on the heater. What I'm getting at is that I don't think you have any problems that can't be solved temperaturmentally.

Ends on January 11 at 9AM CT

About Hot and Cold

Forget good and evil, these are the two fundamental forces of the universe. The heat of the sun, the deadly cold of space. The fiery passion of love, the icy chill of revenge. The comforting warmth of a newborn puppy, the frigid shiver of the crypt. All of existence dances between the whimsy of these two extremes... and now, you can control these fundamental forces of the universe with the flick of a switch. It's not omnipotence, but it's as close as you're like to get.