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Monkey Bars Garage Storage System

Look, stacking all your junk on top of itself is a fool's errand. We both know you're going to forget to label the most important box anyways, and you're almost definitely going to stack the bowling ball box on top of the old family china box. Or, you could get some Monkey Bars and suspend all your crap from walls and ceilings. Just like a monkey.

Ends on January 3 at 9AM CT

About Monkey Bars

They're where monkeys go to get drunk after a hard day of being adorable and throwing poop at each other. A place to stop and just be monkeys before they go home to their horrible nagging monkey wives and they're chattering monkey kids that never shut up and are never going to amount to anything before finally falling asleep after some obligatory cursory monkey love-making before they have to get up and go through the same horrible monkey grind the next day. It helps to be monkey drunk.

They'll also, you know, hold stuff up in your garage.