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That's Not a Knife!

Despite what a certain dated Australian hero might tell you, these are in fact knives. Pretty useful ones, too, as they're both portable and, you know, sharp. For my money (and yours; this is ultimately a shopping site) those are pretty much the two main things knives have to be ... although maybe not in that order.

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About Knives

Knives is a sweet kid, but she really is a little too young for Scott Pilgrim. I mean, she's still in highschool, she really ought to be dating someone her own age. Scott's better off with Envy or Ramona, anyways, if you ask me. I mean, I know Envy screwed him over, but people can change and grow, especially from regre- sorry, my editor just let me know this article is supposed to be about actual knives, but I'm almost out of words and my backspace key is broken. In summary: they're sharp.