Now Highering: Woot Copy Editor

by Amy Nance

Its a sad day hear at Woot. It seems our deer copy editor had some sort of psychotic brake yesterday and won't be returning. We found him sititing behind his desk, mumbling something abou to, two and too ... or maybe tutus, were not really shure. We just held and rocked him for a while, shushed him and said "their they're" until they came and took him away. Its to bad. We really licked that guy. And through hell always be in our hearts, we must move one.

Good knews for you, thought! WHERE HIGHERING!

At first it took us some time to except that we really do need a editor. We consider ourselfs professionals, you no? But we realize we arnt perfect. And as hard ass we try, we make alot of mistakes. Like, a HOLE LOT of mistakes. So we really knead a person with a good "I" for detail and alot of pashunts. pashents patients.

Any way, check out the official job posting here. Think your the one for the job? Proove it. We'll be taking auditions in the forums. You can start bye editing this blog poste.

God luck!