PAX 2012: Scott's Best In Show

by Scott Lydon

Well, we're closing out our PAX coverage and so it's my turn to tell you what I enjoyed the most. Sadly, my FAVORITE game is still a secret, as the developer asked me not to say anything until after the official release. Heartbreaking, but you gotta respect the talent right? Watch this space and I'll tell you more when I'm allowed.

In the meantime, though, there's plenty of other stuff to talk about. Like how I met the woman of my dreams!

Most Ill-Advised Hookup

Yeah, she acted distant, but but that was just for show. Soon as the cameras were put away, she was allllllll over me. More to come inside.

Most Original Cosplay

These two spies made the most of their transport situation, but they couldn't tell me where to find the Don Martin cosplayers. I really was hoping to see some giant shoes.

Creepiest Mascot

He just got up on stage and stared. Stared at ME. I WASN'T EVEN DOING ANYTHING AND HE WOULDN'T STOP STARING.

Cutest Mascot

Kirby was out in the lobby, standing very still and looking like a plastic statue. A couple people took photos. Then he started bouncing and walked off to get some lunch, and the whole lobby yelled AWWWW and grabbed their cameras. It didn't get any cuter.

Best Photo Op Opportunity

The Aliens: Colonial Marines booth let you climb into a loader and fight off an attacking queen. Of course, I was too scared to take a shot, but I've got a very good reason. If you ever see me in person, ask about my Alien story and you'll understand why I cower in fear to this day.

Best Swag Item

The Guardians Of Middle-Earth game gave all players a sweet Gandalf hat made of stiff cardboard. Exciting multiplayer LOTR action AND a classy souvenir! That's how you do it, people.

Second-Best Game

Just because I can't choose my winner doesn't mean I came back empty-handed. Vessel was fun to play and fun to watch. You and your pal, apparently made entirely of surface tension, run through a lovely world of puzzles and shadows and water. A nice twist on the platformer/dungeon crawl genre. /p>

Most Touching Moment

When I saw these two models prepping in the Marvel Heroes booth, I grabbed my camera as fast as I could think. I didn't even notice Emma Frost in the background until I got home. All that struck me was Phoenix standing in front of a visorless Cyclops, instantly taking me back to a comics panel of my youth...

…and out of all the things I saw at PAX, this was my absolute favorite. Maybe that makes me a big nerd, but I don't feel ashamed. Because isn't that was PAX is supposed to be all about?

Scott's story is over, but he wasn't the only one on assignment. Our PAX coverage ain't over till the fat lady levels up.