There Can Be Only Pun: Historical Eats

by Sean Adams

It seems like I face some new, frustrating dilemma almost every day. For a while, I tried to solve each one on my own, but I just can't do it anymore. I'm in over my head, and I need your help, Wooters! So, each week, I'm going to reach out to you guys, and you're going to provide me with the puns I need to get by. That's right: logic is secondary; puns are the primary goal here. I'll choose the best pun and announce it in next week's post.

THIS WEEK'S EPISODE: Historical Restaurants!

Alright guys, I'm opening a restaurant. But here's the thing: I want it to be be themed after an event in history. Here are a few ideas I'm considering:

  • Cucumber the Alamo
  • The Battle of Bull Brunch
  • The Hindenburger Disaster

Those aren't the best that are out there, though. I just know it. That's why I need your help. So, go ahead - post your historical-event-themed restaurant names in the comments and I'll choose my favorite.

Last week's winner (Woot-Sponsored NBA shot): Woot Quality Post-up. (best back to the basket move of the game). from user SQUIDTODE(repeat winner!).

Other Favorites: Woot off (worst air ball) from jpherrell; Debunker - best dunk (BeDunker?) from leatherwing.

Photo from Wikipedia.