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Okay, got the wine, got the lasagna, and I even got the lines all figured out. Tonight’s gonna be my night to shine! Oo, the doorbell! Showtime at last!

Hey there, you sexy momma! Wow, you’re looking hot! Girl, I was gonna invite you in, but now that I’ve seen you in that dress, I’m scared you’d be a fire hazard! Hey, you just stay right there for a second, okay? I gotta get something out of this closet. No, no, don’t come in just yet, I’m not ready, just keep standing on the porch for one minute more, until I find my Dexas High Heat Protection Mitts and Trivets Set.

I hope it’s okay that it doesn’t quite match your dress. The color was random, so I didn’t really get to accessori- ah, here it is. Now where were we.? Oh, right. Damn, baby, you really got it goin’ on tonight! I’ll say it again, you are looking out-of-this-world hot! No, no, now baby, don’t step just anywhere. I paid a lot for that orange shag carpet, I don’t want it melting or anything. See, because you’re so hot! Here, I’ve put down these two trivets, try and walk on them. They’re designed to grip pot handles but also protect countertops from heat, like from a dish. And girl, tonight you’re some dish, let me tell you. Hot! Hot!

Sit down? Well, sure! Here, let me put on my mitts. These silicone mitts handle heat up to 500 degrees, to protect hands from the oven, or grills, or stovetops. I’ll just pick you up and… ooof. Guess it’s true what they say, “heat expands”, right, baby? Because you are so hot! I also think my back is starting to give out so I’m gonna put you back on the trivet for now.

Wait, you’re leaving? But… we haven’t even had dinner yet! Oh, you just came to say you weren’t feeling well? But you dressed up, you look so hot… oh, okay. Well, sorry, I guess, I didn’t know your father was killed by an extended metaphor. Maybe some other time? Oh. Okay… well, I guess I’ll just… have leftover lasagna all week, then. At least my Dexas High Heat Protection Mitts and Trivets Set makes it easy for me to get it out of the ove- oh, you’re already gone.

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Warranty: 90 Day Woot Limited Warranty


  • High heat (500°F) protection for use with ovens, grills, stovetops and counters
  • Reach into boiling water or handle hot pots and trays from the oven using heat resistant silicone mitts
  • Mitts are specifically designed to slide on and off quickly and easily for both right and left hands
  • Trivets help grip high heat pot handles safely and protect countertops from hot pots and serving dishes
  • Entire set is non-porous/non-absorbent, water/oil resistant and dishwasher safe
  • Use set indoors or even for many outdoor activities such as changing hot light bulbs, appliances, barbecued foods or other hot items and surfaces
  • Weight: 2 lbs
  • Dimensions (Mitts): 11.5” x 6.5” (L x W)
  • Dimensions (Trivets): 7" x 7" (L x W)

Additional Photos:

In the box (Randomly Red OR Blue OR Black):

  • 2 Dexas Silicone High Heat Mitts
  • 2 Dexas Silicone High Heat Trivets

Caution: Dexas Silicone Mitts are used to help protect you from short periods of exposure to heat. Do not expose silicone mitts to long periods of contact with heat or flame. As with any food preparation utensil, please take special precautions and read the corresponding instructions for use.


Dexas Silicone High Heat Protection Mitts and Trivets - Red OR Blue OR Black

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