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Professor Basil P. Crapschmidt is on the verge of an intellectual breakthrough. After years of painstaking study, he has determined that the universe can be explained by the numbers found in random bits of trivia. His only problem: He can't do math.

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  • Vampire Awareness
  • The average home wastes 10% of their energy consumption through standby (vampire) power loss; these energy-saving, 4-outlet, wall unit, surge protectors with integrated iGo Green® Technology automatically reduce wasted standby (vampire) power by up to 85%
  • Outlets using iGo Green® Technology automatically powers down outlets when not in use and powers back up again when devices need power
  • Simply plug in your computer and other electronic devices to save power without the hassle of unplugging
  • Two “active green” outlets for those devices that continuously suck power needlessly and 2 always-on outlets for devices requiring continuous power
  • Instant wake-up button for immediate power up of managed outlets
  • Wall-mounted design ideal for home, office and kitchen use
  • Comes with a cable management feature to keep cables tidy and a learning mode to optimize for your specific needs

Shipping Note: Eligible for shipping to all 50 states

Warranty: 2 Year iGo


Outlets (4 total): 2 always-on, 2 with iGo Green® Technology
Surge Protection Rating: 1080 Joules
Input: 108-132 VAC; 50/60Hz; 15A MAX
Surge protection LED indicator: Amber
"Green Mode" LED indicator: Green
Dimensions: 3.54”(L) x 5.19”(W) x 2.92”(D)
Weight: 9.6 oz


iGo Green Recommended Devices:

  • Laptop chargers
  • Desktop computers
  • LCD monitors
  • Local printers
  • Consumer electronics chargers (for mobile phones, Bluetooth headsets, digital cameras, MP3 players, GPS units, etc.)
  • Televisions
  • Home audio systems
  • Game consoles
  • Battery chargers
  • DVD players
  • CD players
  • Electric toothbrushes
  • Electric razors

Always On Recommended Devices:

  • Network printers
  • Fax machines
  • Telephones
  • DVRs
  • Devices with clocks
  • Devices with physical power switches (lamps, fans, vacuum cleaners, etc)
  • CRT computer monitors
  • Devices with heating elements (coffee makers, hairdryers, toasters, space heaters, etc)
  • Aquarium heaters or pumps

In the box:

  • iGo PM00012-0001 Power Smart Wall Charger
  • Users Guide

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