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  • Beginning of the End Dr. Ed Wainwright (Mission Impossible’s Peter Graves), reporter Audrey Aimes and a deaf-mute gardener fight together to eradicate swarms of gigantic, radioactive locusts that are demolishing entire towns and cities in Illinois!
  • Gunslinger When the marshal of Oracle, Texas is killed by a hired gunman, his quick-shooting widow, Rose (Beverly Garland), straps on his gun and star, puts on some pants and aims to find out who did the hiring . . .
  • Hamlet It’s the old “boy meets ghost of dead father, boy loses hot mother to dead father’s rival, boy drives girlfriend to suicide and then everyone dies” story. But, as presented in a 1961 German TV movie starring Maximilian Schell, this one takes tragedy to a whole new level. Join Mike, Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot for a little Satellite-Upon-Avon and watch the slings and arrows fly.
  • Incredibly Strange A playful trip to a carnival turns sinister when a trio becomes the target of a mysterious zombie plot hatched by the enchanting stripper Carmelita and her fortune-telling sister Estrella. Zombies! Fortune-tellers! Acid-wielding henchmen! Showstoppers! That’s right! It’s the world’s first monster musical!!
  • Red Zone Cuba Director Coleman Francis cements his status as unofficial MST3K muse with this 1966 film about escaped convicts who volunteer to fight in the Bay of Pigs. Needless to say, the movie was about as successful as the invasion. On the bright side, the riffs do destroy their target — although, as Crow T. Robot says, “I want to hurt this movie but I can never hurt it the way it hurt me.”
  • The Unearthly MSTie favorite actor Tor Johnson costars as MSTie favorite character Lobo in this 1957 horror flick about a mad scientist (John Carradine) whose experiments with immortality accidentally produce mutants. As Dr. Forrester says: “It’s hard to keep down.” But Joel, Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot prove once again that laughter is the best antinausea medicine.
  • The Atomic Brain The luckless captives aboard the Satellite of Love know — and let’s just say it ain’t pretty. Join Mike, Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot as they riff-isect with comic precision this 1964 horror flick about an old woman’s quest for eternal youth and the weird guys on her payroll who make it happen.
  • The Touch of Satan A young man on his way westward makes a stop at an isolated farmhouse, where he meets and falls for — you guessed it — the farmer’s daughter. What she is soon revealed to be, however, is no joke. Of course, that doesn’t stop our hapless heroes aboard the SoL from turning this devilish drama into, oh, two thousand jokes. Meanwhile, with Pearl away, Professor Bobo and Brain Guy are none too pleased to be babysat by pretty but infantilizing Steffi (a welcome appearance by MST3K crewmember Beth “Beez” McKeever).
  • The Girl in Gold Boots In this timeless tale of exploitation, competition, drugs and raw talent-flavored substitute, a young woman’s quest to make it as a professional go-go dancer reveals a devastatingly mediocre portrait of Hollywood’s low-budget underbelly.
  • Wild World of Batwoman There is a plot, of sorts, involving a masked babe, her team of dancing girls, a mad scientist, an atomic-powered hearing aid and an archvillain named Rat Fink. Don’t try to connect those dots. You’ll lose. Just enjoy the ample opportunities taken by Mike and his robot pals Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot to redeem the movie with barbs, cracks, digs, jabs and other assorted comic punishment.

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In the box:

  • MST3K Beginning of the End
  • MST3K Gunslinger
  • MST3K Hamlet
  • MST3K Incredibly Strange
  • MST3K Red Zone Cuba
  • MST3K The Unearthly
  • MST3K The Atomic Brain
  • MST3K The Touch of Satan
  • MST3K The Girl in Gold Boots
  • MST3K Wild World of Batwoman

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