The Most Dangerous Item We’ve Ever Sold

The WinPlus Beacon GPS Tracker can track your car’s location AND speed? Well, okay… as long as it doesn’t do both at the same time.

Because it’s one thing to want to keep track of raw data, like “where is my teenager taking the car” and “do I need to talk to them about taking that curve too fast?” It’s a whole OTHER thing to attempt to violate the laws of physics. Oh, don’t you know? It’s impossible to know both speed and location simultaneously!

So be careful. After all, the WinPlus Beacon GPS Tracker with its 4MB of memory, it doesn’t work in real time. You’ve got to plug it in later, maybe update the firmware and .NET Framework on your computer, then look at the data after the fact. The good part is, this lets you overlay the route with Google Maps and check out who’s been skipping school, or going to their boyfriend’s house when they’re supposed to be at band practice! The bad part is, if you mess up and ask the WinPlus Beacon GPS Tracker to show you time and location together… well, did you ever see that Doctor Who episode where Rose saved her father’s life? And those time monsters showed up and started eating everybody and… yeah, exactly. That’s what happens when you violate the laws of physics. So DON’T.

Instead, use the WinPlus Beacon GPS Tracker as it’s intended: to deliver you information on location OR speed at different times. It’ll not only help you be a more informed parent, it’ll keep the universe nice and uncertain. The way it clearly prefers to be.

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Warranty: 90 Day WinPlus

Condition: New


  • Completely portable
  • Track any vehicle’s location, speed and time through its non-real time tracking unit
  • Monitor your teenage driver’s road whereabouts and your employee’s driving routine without the usual subscription fees
  • 16 hours of battery life in Navigation mode and 160 hours in Sport mode used intermittently
  • 4MB of memory records up to 16,000 points
  • Connects to Google Earth or Google Maps
  • Built-in 2000 mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • Installation software included
  • Easy to use, easy to setup

Installation Info:

In the box:

  • WinPlus AC13268-72 Beacon GPS Tracker
  • 12V/24V Car Charger
  • USB Cable
  • Protective Glove
  • Installation CD


WinPlus AC13268-72 Beacon GPS Tracker

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