Couldn’t Be Worse Than Transformers 2

Today we’re going to share some robot love. Our robot love. Yeah. Ro-vee-oh-vee-oh.

Before we get started, take note. Pop yourself an extra browser tab for and… what? You want to know why in the world we’d send you to go hang out with those losers? OMG you’re SO mean! The reason we’re sending you over there is that the nice dudes at Hack A Day have buddied-up with us today, and they’re gonna be showcasing a very special breakdown of the WowWee Rovio WiFi Robot, highlighting a few things you might be able to do with it if you’re so inclined. These guys break stuff for a living, so surely they’ll be able to teach you a few things about our happy robot buddy.

That’s right, we said “happy robot buddy”. Because the WowWee Rovio WiFi Robot isn’t just a simple mobile webcam. But even if it was, wouldn’t that be enough? After all, you’re not the sitting type, are you? No, not you. You want to get up and move. You want to be free. You want to strut like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. You want to go down that hallway and get another Mountain Dew Throwback from the kitchen, and you don’t care if all the corn syrup executives in the entire world see you doing it! That’s why this WowWee Rovio WiFi Robot is perfect for you.

Because the Rovio is a Wi-Fi enabled mobile webcam that also just happens to be a K-9 lookin’ robot. And what do robots do best? That’s right, they tag along with you on your trip to the kitchen! Even better, the Rovio is a robot that you can control, so you could just stay in bed and let it drive to the kitchen for you. Since the WowWee Rovio WiFi Robot is built to work from a web browser, you’ll be able to use it with your PC or Mac, or maybe even your iPhone. There’s a built-in LED headlight to help out with filming in the dark. Plus the rechargeable NiMH battery is designed with a low-resistance, high-quality polarized Dean’s Connector, just like the kind radio control enthusiasts prefer. This is a robot that’s made to move!
You know what else is made to move? You are. Didn’t we cover this in the first paragraph? Are you even paying attention today? Wake up! Then head over to deals.woot and take a look at the very special software deal we’re running on RoboRealm. RoboRealm is designed to work on your laptop or desktop PC, and it’s gonna be a nice little bonus to have a robot you can reprogram under’s guidance. Serious hobbyists take note!

Look, the future is coming, no matter how hard we all try and stop it. At some point, a robot is going to win at Cannes. Do you want that honor to go to a Terminator built by Michael Bay? Or do you want it to go to an hour long Dogme 95 movie made by a plucky little robot with a dream? Think of the WowWee Rovio WiFi Robot as a first year film student without the arrogance. This is your chance to shape the future of film.

Or maybe you’ll just let the people watch you scaring the cat. There’s merit in that as well.

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Authorized for SquareTrade Extended Warranty


Warranty: 90 Day Woot Limited Warranty


  • Wi-Fi enabled mobile webcam that lets you view and interact with its environment through streaming video and audio
  • Easily control Rovio remotely 24/7 from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Use any web-enabled device: PC or Mac, cell phone, smartphone, PDA or even your video game console
  • Detects your computer settings and guides you through the setup process
  • Head-mounted moveable camera and wide range of vision enable you to see and hear exactly what Rovio sees and hears, on your screen
  • Set waypoints so that Rovio can navigate itself around your home, without having to control each step yourself
  • At the click of a button, send Rovio back to the charging dock using its self-docking capabilities – even when you are not at home
  • Guide Rovio through dimly lit locations with the aid of its built-in LED headlight
  • Rovio Set-up tutorials
  • Rovio Demo Video


  • Rechargeable NiMH battery included (with Deans Connector)
  • 1 x Charging dock with built-in TrueTrack Beacon
  • 3 x Omni-directional wheels
  • 1 x Head-mounted VGA camera
  • LED illumination
  • 1 x Speaker and 1 x microphone for 2-way audio
  • USB connectivity
  • Wi-Fi connectivity (802.11b and 802.11g)

In the box:

  • WowWee Rovio
  • Charging Dock
  • USB Cable
  • Power Adapter
Titans Will Clash


WowWee Rovio WiFi Video and Audio Streaming Robot

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