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Lite-On DVD Recorder/VCR Combo

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Anybody Got A Code For VHS Tapes?

Man, copyright infringement was so much more fun back when there were only a few of us doing it. I can still remember the great Short Circuit 2 battle of ‘88, when me and the LES Video Buccaneers crew had VHS copies of that family favorite on the street in time for the Christmas season, just ahead of the Rivington Street Movie Boyz. Ah, there were giants in those days. All we had to worry about was the occasional nosy cop, and we could usually deal with that by slipping the officer a couple of movies on the house. Then digital media came along, bringing all kinds of mugs and n00bz with it. The big companies lawyered up and went nuts with one harebrained DRM scheme after another. Like Three-Six Mafia almost said, it’s hard out here for a pirate.

Like, take this LiteOn DVD Recorder/VCR LVC-9015G. It’s great that the All-Write technology can record VHS video to DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW or CD-R/RW discs. The built-in VCR Plus + system makes programming easy, and there’s a DV input so you can record from a camcorder directly to tape or disc. It doesn’t have anything fancy like upconversion or HDMI output, but it will play VHS video in progressive scan for maximum playback quality. Not too shabby, right?

Except don’t get too excited about making DVD copies of your VHS movies. Most of them will have Macrovision protection, and so you won’t be able to copy those. Looks like you didn’t really “buy” that movie, you just rented it until the videotape rots away. I’ve heard there are ways around Macrovision, but, uh, I wouldn’t know anything about that. If you do manage to make a backup copy of a VHS movie you own, you better hope there’s a DVD player in your prison cell.

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Warranty: One year

  • DVD / VCR Recorder combo unit makes transferring video from VHS to DVD fast and easy
  • Lite-On exclusive All-Write technology records to virtually any recordable disc
  • VHS playback in Progressive Scan mode for maximum playback quality
  • Easy Guider on screen navigation system for step-by-step instructions for dubbing, recording and playback functions
  • Built-in DV Link for quickly transferring digital video directly from the camcorder to DVD or VHS
  • One-Touch Easy Dubbing
  • VCR Plus+ Programming Guide
  • TV tuner (NTSC)
  • DV Digital Connection & A/V Inputs
  • Front Panel Connections
  • Records Up to 6 Hours on DVD
  • Record and Playback Your VHS Tapes
  • JPEG Playback
  • CD-R/RW Playback
  • Dolby Digital
  • Aspect Ratio for DVD Discs: 4:3 Letter Box Standard, 4:3 Pan & Scan,16:9 (Widescreen)

Playable Media Types:

  • DVD Video
  • DVD-R/RW
  • DVD+R/RW
  • Video Disc (VCD)
  • Super Video CD (SVCD)
  • Audio CD (CD-DA)
  • CD-R/RW (JPEG / MP3)

Recordable Media Types:

  • DVD+R / +RW
  • DVD-R / RW
  • CD-R/RW
  • DVD Dual
  • DVD Allwrite
  • VHS tape


  • DV-Link (IEEE-1394)Jack (Front)
  • AV1 (Video/Audio L/R)Jacks (Front)
  • RF OUT/IN Jacks
  • LINE-IN (S-Video) Jack
  • AV2 (Video/Audio L/R)Jacks
  • Component Video Output (Y/Pb/Pr) Jacks
  • Line Out (Video/Audio L/R)Jacks
  • Digital Audio Out (Coaxial Jack)
  • AC In Terminal
What's in the Box:
  • LV-9015G DVD and VCR Recorder
  • Remote Control
  • AAA Bateries (x2)
  • AC Power Cable
  • RCA A/V Cable (x1)
  • DVD+RW Disc
  • User Manual
  • Welcome Card
  • Warranty Terms and Conditions
  • Product Registration Card
  • RF Cable
Happy Quatro De Mayo


LiteOn Progressive Scan DVD Recorder/VCR LVC-9015G


LiteOn Progressive Scan DVD Recorder/VCR LVC-9015G

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Lite-On DVD Recorder/VCR Combo
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