The Contest of Countries: Best Booze!

by Sean Adams

Day 5 of the Contest of Countries Competing Competitively. Friday. What's on our mind? A nice stiff drink! That's right: today's category is Best Booze! Vote below for your favorite intoxicator, but first, let's meet the representatives:

Representing the United States is bourbon:

photo from chris.corwin

Representing Mexico is tequila:

photo from shrk

Representing France is champagne:

photo from e_calamar

Representing Japan is sake:

photo from tokyofoodcast

Representing Russia is vodka:

photo from Robynlou8

Representing Cuba is rum:

photo from JorgeBRAZIL

Representing Ireland is Irish whiskey:

photo from Pleasence

So, there you have em! Now VOTE and hit SUBMIT! And don't forget about our other open categories: Coolest Fighting Style and Best Punk Band!

All photos used under a Creative Commons License.