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A Few More Bells & Whistles

by M&M's Friend from High School

Hello!  Today is the big day!  Today we will begin to slowly roll over to the new forums.

But wait, did you think we were done telling you about all the good stuff?  Pffffft, not yet.  Here’s a couple more things we think you’ll like:

Mobile: The forums will be easily accessible on our Woot! App and mobile devices. You’ll be able to read and post directly without having to exit to the desktop site. Woohoo!

Avatars:  Or beloved weirdo avatars are migrating over to the new system so you’ll recognize your buddies. It’ll be much easier to change your avatar on the new interface too. And you can still use Gravatar or you can upload your own pic.

Numbered and Bulleted Lists at the Touch of a Button:  There are buttons to let you easily create bulleted or numbered lists. I’ve found it easiest to type the text, select it, and then choose the list style. In other words, “Select then Do”.

Emojis: There’s a host of emojis at your disposal for different occasions, topics, or just to make someone smile.  Some emojis even have customizable skin tone!


And that’s not all!  There’s tons you can do in the new Woot! Community. Wherever possible, we designed it as an intuitive “learn as you go” system.  It’s designed so that you can discover features as you need them or just take some time to poke around and learn new things. 


And of course there's always a few notes so here we go:

Moving the old posts over: As promised, all old posts will move over to our new community. It will take a few days to get everything over so please be patient. There's over 14 years worth of posts to move. 

Private Messages: Remember that we can't move over private messages so if you have anything there that you want to save, do it now so you don't lose them. 

Avatars: Most of you will see your usual woot avatar when you log in. If not, it will find it's way to you in a couple days as we complete the transition. If you have a custom avatar, it may not come over.

Join Date: Your woot join date will be off for a few days until we get everything updated.


If you’re ever stuck, moderators, staff, and other community members are here to help. 
And hey, if you find something you think is cool or useful, share! That’s what a community is all about.  

That's it for now.  See you soon over on the new Woot! Community!