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Armagedd-Off: Cataclysmic Deals The Mayans Never Saw Coming

by Jason Toon

Portents. Auguries. Signs. They all point to the world coming to an end in about another week and a half. At least, they do if you squint really hard at some selectively chosen bits and pieces of Mayan mythology. To mark this reasonably important occasion, help you prepare for what's next, and give you a shot at some inexpensive Christmas gifts in case the Mayans were just kidding, we present Armagedd-Off 2012, a three-day Woot-Off of cataclysmic proportions.

But that's not all. Totally goofy Armagedd-Off 2012 trading cards will appear in the photo galleries for twelve of the hundred of items in this Woot-Off. By collecting them all, and following the clues carefully encoded in them thousands of years ago by ancient Photoshop clerics, you can find your way to a special never-before-seen t-shirt of Earth-shattering power! Here's how it works:

  1. Find all twelve trading cards between now and Wednesday.
  2. Assemble the clues into a word that will fill in the blank at the end of this URL: .
  3. Buy the special t-shirt you find there! (Yes, buy. It took some work to collect those Star Wars proofs of purchase, too, but you still had to pay for Boba Fett.)
  4. No, there is absolutely not a Bag o' Crap involved anywhere in this thing in any way. For real. This warning is not us being cute. If you could see our faces, you'd know how serious we were. Please don't get into this expecting you'll wind up with a Bag o' Crap. You won't. Mark our words.

Fight along with a band of plucky humans as they struggle against the mutant threat in a blasted-out nightmarescape they never made! And maybe get your hands on a weird little t-shirt! If there's a better way to spend your last days on Earth than Armagedd-Off 2012, we don't want to know about it, because we have to work this thing either way. Now get into that discussion thread and work with your fellow humans to figure this thing out BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!