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Badvertising: Insufferable Jerks Do Not Sell Satellite Dishes

by Randall Cleveland

Rare is the commercial that really sticks with you. At best, it's likely to inflict some subtle subconscious urge to buy a Bud Light the next time you're at a football game or something. More often, though, and much more tragic, are the ads that stand out for being just so awful they make you go out of your way to avoid whatever it is they've advertised. Badvertising is for those kinds.


A woman steps out of the shower and is startled by her DVR's "recording conflict" notice looming in her bathroom. She is then verbally accosted by the most grating, self-absorbed d---head in the universe about why this is all her fault. He then insinuates she's a frigid prude and walks away while the audience is left wondering how this poor woman ended up married to such a terrible excuse for a human being and worries that he might start hitting her in the future.

This ad misses the mark on me completely for a few reasons, namely that I don't use DVR and for the few months I did (thanks to a well-to-do roommate) "recording conflicts" were a non-issue. I literally cannot think of a TV show I would be upset to not have recorded digitally to watch later. Seriously. Everything is accessible on the internet nowadays; I watched The Walking Dead every Monday at work because I didn't get AMC and now it's to the point where it feels weird actually watching it on a television.

But fine, let's suppose you ARE the sort of person for whom scheduling all your DVR stuff is a problem. You're in the market for a solution to all this stuff, fine. Is the horrible, shallow, vindictive husband supposed to turn you on to using DirecTV? Who wants to be that guy? Seriously, I'm asking. Who looks at this ad and says, "Ha, yeah, if I had DirecTV I could be a huge d--- to everyone I know, too!"

More bewildering is DirecTV had a decent campaign in recent memory, but they've seemingly abandoned it and are running full speed with multiple spots featuring this assh--- abusing various people in his life because he's so butthurt about not recording whatever show he wanted to watch. Are there people for whom this is a big enough deal to lash out at others?

Last time everyone called me a fuddy-duddy for disliking Samsung's sext-themed commercial. I'm curious to see how you guys feel about this one. Would this make you buy DirecTV? Or is it bland enough that it doesn't register either way?