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Bags Of Our Crap

by Sam Kemmis


Say what you will about our legendary Bags o' Crap -- they have always been exceptionally crappy. We sold out the rest of our principles at the first opportunity, but have steadfastly refused to improve the quality of our BOCs by any measure. 

And today we're happy to announce the crappiest BOCs we've ever offered! For this limited-edition crap we rummaged through our very homes to find the most worthless, space-taking-up knick-knacks we could imagine. 

The result: Bags of Our Crap

Check new products on today for URLs linking to these coveted garage-sale grab-bags, and you may land a sweet haul (by which we mean "something you would likely find on a street corner with a 'free' sign). Six batches will be released over the course of the day. 

What kind of crap, you ask? Well, you could fill your room with the hearty scent of Mac and Cheese (though, let's be honest, cheese is doing most of the smellin'):


Cuddle up for a night of competently executed crime drama: 


Jeopardize your venereal health by wearing an actual prop from the (in)famous Roll Box video: 


Or ... oh God ... what is it??