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Betta Koi Laffestuary

by Betta Koi Ordinator
glub glub airline food right

Hey, this thread is BETTA KOI ONLY, okay? If you post in here without a Betta Koi logo, your post will be deleted and you'll lose experience too. But if you're Betta Koi, come on in and learn about your clan...

There's a two-drink minimum at the Laffestuary, but don't worry! Betta Koi get in for free! And that's because all Betta Koi are natural entertainers who prefer the stage to the audience. Not content with hearing applause from the waves in Wootcrap Harbor, Betta Koi have spread far and wide about the city, using their natural talent for prop comedy to amuse, bewitch and charm all those whom they meet. Betta Koi are also natural leaders; the Pied Pipers to whom the city would dance. And yet, each summer, they must return home to spawn and workshop their sitcom pitches. This week-long outdoor event is known as "The Laffestuary Koi'mady Festival" and it's wicked legendary. Reserve your wristband now!

glub glub airline food right

Be strong. Be swift. Be mighty. And above all, dare to achieve against the machinations of the World of Wootcrap! Will you and your clan-mates unwind his strings of terror? Or will you become hopelessly entangled in his nightmare web? Coordinate, discuss, and appreciate being a Betta Koi here in this thread!