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Buy Your Dad's Love

by Sam Kemmis

Dads and cats have a lot in common. Both rarely express their affection. Both tend to be aloof and difficult to read. Both eat a lot of meat… 

With Father's Day fast approaching, Woot is offering a bevy of tools, gadgets, and other doodads guaranteed to make your dad smile momentarily, or even awkwardly hug you. We've also got some tips for tricking your dad into saying "I love you," and other stuff to honor the staid man who begat you. 

We'll be posting new stuff all week, so don't worry; we'll never leave you. 

First off, here's a video we made about dads:


And here's some stuff you could buy him:


If your dad is one of those do things types, you can grab him a Variable Speed Sonicrafter Kit if those words mean anything to you.



But if your dad is as lazy and shiftless as ours, he's sure to appreciate the ultimate indolence accessory: a slanket. He'll be sure to drift off into a coma of semi-retirement and bass-fishing.