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Buy Your Dad's Love -- Day 3

by Scott Lydon

Your father said "I love you best" by handing you a twenty and whispering "Don't let your brother know, okay?" So what's the best way to show him you learned that important emotional lesson? Easy: buy him something cool. We've got one or two recommendations today that might help you out.


How many times has your dad had to fight for peace and/or quiet? A nice pair of Dr. Dre-inspired over-the-ear headphones might just help him escape to a world where Kilimanjaro rises like a- right, you know the song. It's your dad's favorite.





Ever hear of The Kon-Tiki? No? How about The Old Man And The Sea? With an inflatable kayak your dad can finally prove himself both master AND commander, plus he'll have room for a crew. You're not just giving him a little boat. You're giving him the world. And also, a little boat.