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Enduring Holidays: A Pop-Up Shop to Help You Survive the Season

by Jason Toon

This time of year is rife with parties, feasts, fiestas, family dinners, and other joyous celebrations of human kindness and tests of human endurance. Wouldn't it be nice if your favorite ecommerce site set up a one-week-only pop-up shop stocked with supplies to help you get through the get-togethers with your holiday spirit intact?

You see where this is going. Presenting Enduring Holidays, a weeklong event dedicated to maximizing your holiday pleasure and minimizing your holiday pain. From fun activities to enjoy with a group to solo distractions to enjoy in sweet isolation, Enduring Holidays gives you the ammo you need to fight off the forces of holiday tedium and tension.

It's only up for one week, with new deals popping up every day. Don't miss it and run this year's gauntlet of festivities without outfitting yourself at Enduring Holidays. Who knows? You might even look forward to next year's.