From The Desk Of The Office Manager: Holiday Party

by Sam Kemmis


It may still feel like summer, but winter is fast approaching (as it does every year, this being a cyclical system IKYHN [In Case You Haven't Noticed]). That means our annual Mandatory Office Holiday Party is coming up.

We had trouble booking a venue, as many places wanted to charge as much as hundreds of dollars for access to their space. THRIFT IS ONE OF OUR GUIDING PRINCIPLES AT THIS WORKPLACE, so those places were a no go. So on TUESDAY, DECEMBER 8TH, the Holiday Party will be held in: JAPANESE FOLKLORE, from 8pm-10pm.

A couple notes on the new venue:

If you have never been to the Japanese land of Ghosts, directions can be found HERE.

- Bye -

Katherine Tull-Potts, BA
Office Manager