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Get A Shirt For Only $1

by A Crumpled One Dollar Bill



Starting Tuesday, September 11th at 12:05 am CT you may be able to buy the Main Daily shirt for only $1. That's right, only one clam. One buck-a-rooney. One George Washington. 

Fast Five Facts: 

  • 1. The $1 shirt deal applies to the main daily shirt on
  • 2. The $1 shirt deal runs Tuesday 9/11 through Sunday 9/16 
  • 3. $1 shirts are available from 12:05 am CT until 12:10 am CT or until they sell out 
  • 4. There are only 20 shirts available at the $1 price so they WILL sell out 
  • 5. After 12:10 the shirt of the day goes back to normal price


We don't think it's overstating things to say that this is the most important shirt-based event to happen this entire week. Probably.