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It's the Woot Ultimate Challenge! Day 3: Squirt Gun Marksmanship

by Amy Nance

It's already Day 3 of the Ultimate Challenge, and we gotta tell ya. You guys are blowing us away with your enthusiasm! We especially love that you continue to post videos even though you don't think you've made the top five.

And on that note, don't let those quick-draw mcgraws discourage you. As the results of Day 2's challenge proved, you could be #6 and still nab a Bag of Crap because one of the previous videos failed to include all the key elements of the challenge.

In case you need a refresher on those rules, here they are:


  • The first FIVE (5) people to post their own Ultimate Challenge video in the discussion thread of the corresponding blog post (NOT the Video Wootcast thread or the YouTube thread) will receive a private link to a page where they can purchase a Bag of Crap. These links will be unique to each purchaser, and sent via PM.
  • The items used in your personal video do NOT have to be identical to the items we use in our video. However, it needs to be a reasonably approximate re-creation of the same action. For instance, if our video shows us bouncing Ping-Pong balls into Solo cups, you have to be bouncing some sort of ball into some sort of cup. A video of you tap-dancing to "Fast Car" by Tracy Chapman, while extraordinarily entertaining, will not be counted as an eligible submission.
  • You do NOT need to best our competitors. But if you don't, we'll laugh at you.
  • You can only post one video per challenge. If you post more than one video per challenge, none of your videos will count.
  • As always with the BOC, individuals are limited to one BOC per week. So if you get one, you're done.

Now ... ready to show us what you've got? I present to you the Woot Ultimate Challenge!



Despite Kristy's obviously superior sniper stance, Jason snags the victory with a whole bunch of Army men knocked down versus Kristy's not many Army men knocked down. We don't know the actual numbers because we were too lazy to count.

Jason - Win!, Kristy - Lose :(