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Late Morning: The Woot Talk Show Premieres Today

by Jason Toon

Everything changes today at 10 AM Pacific. Woot presents the premiere episode of Late Morning, the one-hour morning chat show for heavy sleepers, office slackers, and people so cheap and lazy they'd rather watch an amateur video stream than pony up for cable - in other words, our kind of people. Watch it on the Woot front page or on our Ustream channel. But why should you?

Debonaire, seductive host Jason Toon chats with Woot uberhoncho Garth Mader about retail and life, including questions from Woot fans (submit your own in the live chat). Master homemaker Sean Adams demonstrates some kicky craft projects to liven up your home, your van, or the storage space where you illicitly reside in direct violation of your rental agreement. La muy fabulosa Amy Nance dishes on the fiercest fall fashions. And don't miss the product demos, a very special canine guest, and other crappy surprises.

For you greedy viewers, we'll be giving away every product we feature on Late Morning over on the Woot Facebook page. Just give us a "Like", then keep an eye out for the giveaway posts after the broadcast.

That's Late Morning, the only morning talk show produced and presented by unattractive office workers with no broadcast experience. If you have a family emergency or something and you do miss today's episode, we'll do another one on Tuesday, November 12. And nobody can stop us. It's in the Constitution. We checked. See you on Ustream and have a fantastic Late Morning!