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March Gladness: Discuss!

by Sean Adams

This year's wacky bracket challenge, March Gladness, is HERE! Every day, in our write-up space, you'll be able to vote for all the stuff that makes you happy! From now until March 31st, we're bringing a little joy to the cold-hearted internet.

Click here for the full UPDATED bracket, or check out this old-school analog list:


1. Puppies
2. A purring cat
3. Bunnies
4. Jennifer Lawrence
5. Just hatched turtles
6. Penguins
7. Ryan Gosling
8. The guy who does the voice for movie previews
9.  Maggie Smith 
10. Butterflies
11. Ponies 
12. Piglets
13. A good waiter
14. Living statues 
15. 80s hair bands
16. Nice person on the bus/street 

1. Ice cream
2. Your favorite book
3. Chocolate
4. Tacos 
5. My Smart phone
6. Money you found on the street
7. Grilled cheese and tomato soup
8. Beer at a baseball game
9. Wild blackberries
10. An orange that peels easily
11. New pair of shoes
12. Flowers
13. Clean socks
14. Pita chips and hummus
15. A super deep comfy couch
16. Perfectly skippable rocks at the water's edge


1. 3 green lights in a row
2. Post-exercise high
3. Dancing
4. Sex
5. 10+ hours of sleep
6. Smell of a babies head
7. Smell of fresh cut grass
8. Drum solos
9. Likes/Favorites/Retweets
10. Completing home maintenance projects on your own
11. Thinking it's Monday/realizing it's Sunday
12. Boobs
13. Order gets messed up, resulting in free food
14. College basketball
15. Reaching the free replay score at pinball
16. An authentic Irish accent

1. Seeing crazy driver pulled over
2. Idiot friend's political Facebook status torn apart
3. That perfect fart/poop
4. Annoying grammar cop makes grammar mistake
5. People falling
6. Youtube arguments
7. Corrupt politician goes to jail
8. The hot jerk from high school who didn't age well
9. Old people struggling with technology
10. Line cutter forced to the back
11. People who fall for fake news articles
12. Popping a juicy zit
13. Bitcoin crash
14. Public figure's dumb deleted Tweet is screen captured
15. Getting snowed in
16. Awful Bleacher Report slideshows

Get psyched! Get happy! And get voting, right here, right NOW!