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March Sandwichness Round 2 - Intense/Novelty

by Kathleen Richards
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March is the month when everyone goes crazy for basketball. But we figured, why let basketball players have all the fun? So for those of you who are less athletically inclined and more eat-letically inclined, we’ve set up a March Sandwichness bracket. Come back to Woot! every day to vote and help us decide which sandwich is the king of all things lunch!

All you have to do to participate is go to the polls and vote for your favorite sandwiches! It’s that easy! It’s even easier than it would be to actually eat the sandwiches! But probably a little less tasty.

Check back on Woot! tomorrow to see the winner’s from today’s poll and vote on the next round!

It's the second round for the Intense and Regional divisions today and it's time that we start asking ourselves some of the big questions. Can sweet (Cookie Ice Cream) defeat savory (Dagwood)? Can the crunch of a Potato Chip Sandwich defeat the annual pleasure of the Thanksgiving Leftover? And how much do we really like paninis anyway? Let us know what you think: Vote now!


The winners from yesterday are:
(1) Cheeseburger defeated (8) Club
(5) Hamburger defeated (4) Corned Beef
(3) Grilled Cheese defeated (6) Ham and Cheese
(2) BLT defeated (7) Classic PB&J
(1) Lobster Roll defeated (8) Mufaletta
(4) Crab Cake defeated (12) Shawarma
(6) Gyros defeated (14) Torta
(7) Italian Sub defeated (2) Po Boy
Not a lot of surprises here in the second round of Classic/Regional. Cheeseburger continues to be a strong contender, but how will it fare in the next round when it’s matched up against its closest relative, the Hamburger? (Probably pretty well...what food isn’t improved by the addition of cheese?) It was surprising to see the Corned Beef knocked out so early, but I suspect that may be because real Corned Beef fans are pulling for its cousin in the intense division, the Reuben.

In other interesting developments, Grilled Cheese has emerged victorious from the Ham and Cheese/Cheese/Grilled Cheese fight, and Lobster Roll and Crab cake will be moving on to the next round to battle each other in what I’m now going to call “The Seafood Showdown”. Also, the elimination of PB&J (at the hands of BLT) means we have no peanut butter based sandwiches left in the competition. A sad day for George Washington Carver, indeed.

Keep voting and checking back to watch the tournament unfold! Also the bracket image is now updated!