Music Monday: Doctor Songs

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! For some of us, November 23rd will always be remembered as the day the First Doctor took two teachers into his TARDIS and started a phenomenon. For others, you have no idea what the hell we're talking about in that sentence. For both groups, then, today's mix is all about Doctor Songs. See? Fans and non-fans alike can understand that.

Doctor And The Medics - Spirit In The Sky


If you can change into a new form, you don't have to worry so much about what awaits you in the sky when they lay you to rest. If you can't, this 80s cover might hold more meaning. Either way, that guitar part sure is catchy.

You'll find the inside of this post is bigger than the outside. So see you after the jump.

The Beatles - Doctor Robert


This doctor offers to make you a better person with his knowledge, but there's just a hint of danger and darkness on the side. Sound familiar?

Motley Crue - Dr. Feelgood


This doctor thinks laws don't apply to him and he can do anything he wants, as long as he makes you feel all right before he drops you off. There are rarely repercussions for his actions, because he's impossible to catch. Maybe he answers to a higher authority? Or maybe he only answers to himself.

Kiss - Calling Doctor Love


This doctor shows up when you call him, sure, but you're not his first companion and you certainly won't be his last. Also he's got a lot of wacky catchphrases for people to repeat. Hey, you don't go global without some crowdwork.

The Force MDs Meet The Fat Boys


Okay, okay, there IS a difference between The Doctor and a Medical Doctor. But I really like this song, and anyway, isn't Doctor Who all about travel, exploration, meeting strangers who speak a weird language and having fun? And anyway, I've got to leave a few doctor songs for you guys to post.

Help us say Happy Birthday to Doctor Who by posting your favorite doctor songs in the comments below. Then stop by our room for the regular Music Monday enjoyment. Also, let us just remind you: some images come from the corresponding Wikipedia page and are here under fair use.