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Music Monday: Goofy Sexist Songs

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! If we're being honest, be we men or be we women, we have laughed at something that's sexist before. Maybe it has no place in government or business, but it certainly can be hysterical when your gender is winning, right? Possibly this is why the music world keeps going back to the sexist well. Today Scott's put his career on the line to assemble five (or six) kinda funny sexist songs. Maybe you don't agree with the message, but the medium can be pretty darn funny. To wit...

KISS - Deuce


The truth is, you could close your eyes and point at any random Kiss song and probably it could make this list… including the instrumentals. But if you made a drinking game out of "Baby"'s and "Honey"'s, Deuce would probably leave you trashed before the first minute. And yet, you know, it's four guys in Halloween makeup and leather. Sexist it maybe, but serious? Not even a little bit.

Nothing will ever top KISS, but there's still more inside. See you after the jump!

Christina Agulera - I Hate Boys


It's fair to say that, if the genders on this song were reversed and it were today, it would have been castigated up and down the Internet. It's also fair to say that, if the genders on this song were reversed and it was released in 1970, it would have been a KISS song. Is it ridiculously sexist? Of course! Is it tongue-in-cheek? Obviously! As far as I'm concerned, the only thing wrong with it is that it's too short. Would another minute's worth have killed you here, Xtina?

Neil Diamond - Girl You'll Be A Woman Soon


Unlike every other song on this list, Neil's creeping us out before the end of the title. Go on, walk down to the coffee shop and use the first stanza as a pickup line. Then call me when they ask you to leave. You're a nice enough fella, Neil, so I'm glad this was a path you avoided. You just missed being Gary Puckett by a hairsbreadth.

Lord Melody - Wau Wau (Shame & Scandal In The Family)


This tragic song of heartbreak, in which a young man discovers his father as a prolific cheater, is sort of sexist at the beginning. That poor mother has no agency, no life of her own. She's apparently the only one on the island that father isn't sleeping with… but that leads us to the dramatic twist at the end! With just six words, a few of which repeat, the whole story turns on itself. This song's one of my personal favorites.

Prince Buster - The Ten Commandments Of Man and The Ten Commandments Of Woman


And herein lies the REAL secret of sexism. "Boys vs Girls" means people buy records to prove their side wins. Who benefits when everybody's so busy hatin'? The people selling the scorecards to both sides! Which Prince Buster and Princess Buster did, to great effect, with these twenty commandments. Notice they didn't even have to pay twice for a new background track?

Ladies and/or Gents, it doesn't matter to us. Post your favorite dumb sexist songs in the comments and we can all laugh at 'em together. Also let us just remind you: some images come from the corresponding Wikipedia page and are here under fair use. See you next week.