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Music Monday: Snow Songs

by Scott Lydon


Happy Music Monday! A White Christmas is a tradition that not everybody gets to enjoy. We're hoping you get one where you are (and that you don't have to drive in it to boot!) but even if you don't, today's Music Monday will help you out. Because today's Music Monday is all about snow.

Burning Brides


Snow is like love: even when you're happy to have it around you, it can still grow cold at some point. The heartbreak of having someone make you into what they want and then go back inside for hot chocolate is something everyone can understand. And yet, not everyone is made to sit by the fire. What am I trying to say? Who knows? But I'm pretty sure it makes as much sense as the lyrics to this Burning Brides song.

Stay frosty. We'll see you after the jump.

Black Sabbath - Snowblind


How many other metal bands were singing about glistening snowflakes? Even though it's as sinister and depressing as you'd expect from a metal band, Sabbath still captures the beauty of a winter's day. Just, you know, a winter's day some guy's not really enjoying very much. NO SHUT UP IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH SODA POP

Boyz II Men - Let It Snow


Of course, there's another, different song with the same name, but I kinda like the sound of this one. That's why I've chosen it over Dean Martin's drunken-voiced classic. Not that Dean isn't welcome in these parts. He's like the fun drunk uncle with the best stories, of course we want him around. PS: I picked the Fresh Prince version because why not, right?

Marvin Gaye - Purple Snowflakes


It takes a very special song to be both warm and chilly at the same time. Marvin Gaye's smooth, perfect voice pulls together a little wintertime song that's perfect for cold weather regardless of the season.

The Rolling Stones - Winter NSFW for one f-bomb


Okay, it's not TECHNICALLY about snow, but give us a break! Anyway, I chose this particular YouTube video because I think a guy driving on a snowy night really captures what this song is all about. I hope he got home to a Merry Christmas, just like I hope the same to you.

Sneak away from your nog and stockings to throw a few snow songs in the comments, okay? And let us just remind you: some images come from the corresponding Wikipedia page and are here under fair use. See you next week. Merry Christmas to all.