Music Monday: Songs About Cars

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! Wanna race? Yeah? Well, tell you what. We'll meet you at the end of this paragraph and race for pink slips. Oh, hang on, somebody told the cops. Guess the race is off… for now. But we can still talk about our favorite car songs, right? Scott's gathered a full tank of five to start us off. Listen to that baby purr...

Commander Cody And The Lost Planet Airmen - Hot Rod Lincoln


No, this version isn't the original. Yes, you can hit the song's Wikipedia page if you care to learn more. But this version IS the one that most people hear at some time or another, and besides, none of the other bands have a name as cool as "Commander Cody and the Lost Planet Airmen" anyway. A good song for when you're going to be speeding.

Red light! Put on your driving gloves and rev the engine a bit until it goes green. Then we'll see you after the jump...

Is there a machine more connected to humanity's genius than the car? Maybe the bicycle or the piano or the fountain pen. But, unquestionably, the car is in the top five, right? We can all agree on that, at least.

Bo Diddley - Cadillac


Keep this one for when we do another spelling songs post too! Bo Diddley's song is, of course, named after a guitar… but that guitar is named for one of the most stylish of American cars, so it counts, right? Hey, I grade you guys on a curve each week, you owe me.

Reverend Horton Heat - Galaxie 500


Breaking up is hard to do. You lose your heart, you lose some friends, you lose some stuff… but the bright side? Not everyone loves the same type of car. And it doesn't matter how bad it gets if you can still wave through the window as you drive away.

Johnny Cash - One Piece At A Time


This story of a man of modest dreams is also based around a Cadillac, but is more about the perfect crime. Our Hero remembers that patience is a virtue, and uses that virtue to build his dream car… across thirty or forty years. Thankfully, he wasn't too picky about how it looked.

Richard Thompson - MGB-GT


This one's my all-time favorite car song. Mixing a folksy English style with the rhythm of the highway and lyrics that capture the only true love that exists: the love between a man and his machine.

Peel out towards our room and the regular Music Monday enjoyment. You'll find parking in the rear. Also, let us just remind you: some images come from the corresponding Wikipedia page and are here under fair use.