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Music Monday: Songs That Tell You What To Do

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! Some songs are there for you to enjoy. Other songs demand you enjoy them! Today's mix is all about the songs that tell you what to do. Surrender your free will. The music is in control.

Solomon Burke - Cry To Me


Take any small segment of this song and it's perfect. The bum-bum-bum BING! in the music or the sweet, warm, soulful voice. It's all wonderful, and it's commanding with out being cruel. Why wasn't this man ever a therapist?

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K-YZE - Stomp


Dance songs are the pushiest of all songs, but this late '80s "hit" is aggressively instructive. The synth stings catch your attention, it's the STOMP that really grabs you. Plus there's a game of Simon Says in the middle of it, which is nice, and be sure to stay until they let the dogs loose. There's a lot going on in this song!

Pink Floyd - Run Like Hell


You better run if you don't want to get hit by all of poor Pink's problems. Anyone that's ever listened to classic rock radio has heard this song a billion times. What more can I add? Except to point out how Roger seems weirdly happy as that "evil narrator" character.

Little Eva - The Locomotion


Even the olden days weren't free from demanding songs. This one ups the ante with a little peer pressure to boot. Everybody's doing it, you know. Come on! COME ON! Do the Locomotion! OR ELSE!!

Paul Simon - You Can All Me Al


Mr. Simon's not as demanding as the other songs in this list, but sometimes a request is more like a command. Because it's pretty clear from the lyrics this guy's not going to stop calling you Betty, so you might just have to make the most of it until he walks away.

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