Music Monday: The Number 5

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday!

David Bowie - When I'm Five


From the point of view of a four year old boy, five is a HUGE new change. It's a pretty important number, after all. The highest you can count to on one hand!

Give us five! Otherwise the comments will be empty. And see you after the jump!

Johnny Cash - Five Feet High & Rising


Five feet isn't so tall… until it's a wave of water coming your way. Johnny Cash says it's a true story about a flood his family endured, but c'mon. C'MON. Deciding to leave when the water's at five feet? Where exactly does one GO at that point? That having been said, I'm not going to question Johnny Cash. I'll assume he just has some Atlantean blood.

The Stranglers - Five Minutes


Five minutes is also a horribly long time when you're trapped in a situation. A lot can change in what seems like a short period of time. This powerful Stranglers song is really about how it feels to move on in the aftermath of a tragedy, and how it feels to be powerless once it's all done. "I just want to find those guys, that's all. I just want to find those guys, that's all."

The Byrds - 5D (Fifth Dimension)


When it comes to metaphysics, you can't beat the power of the number 5. This song's supposedly all about Einstein, and relativity, and the theory of multiple dimensions, and has nothing to do with drugs at all. Which makes it kinda sad that it came out during the Summer Of Love. Maybe in another world, Roger McGuinn is thought of alongside other nerd heroes who sang physics songs. Like… um...

The Beastie Boys - 5-Piece Chicken Dinner


All we have to ask is… does that include the biscuit?

Let u5 ju5t remind you a5 alway5: 5ome image5 come from the corre5ponding Wikipedia page and are here under fair use. 5ee you next week.