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Music Mondays: Song Titles That Are The Band

by Sam Kemmis


Happy Music Monday! It takes a special kind of egomania to be a rock star, and a very special kind of egomania to be a rock star who sings a song about the name of your own band. I'm skemmis, filling in for Scott today, and today's Music Monday is entitled "skemmis's List of Songs Where The Name Of The Band Is In The Song Title, By skemmis. skemmis!" Can you think of any I missed? (I hope so because I don't know very much about music).

Bad Company - Bad Company


What does it all mean, Bad Company? "Bad Company, 'til the day I die." Are you sure about that, Paul (because you left the band in 1982)?


Big Country - In A Big Country


Sha! If you're going to sing a song about your own band, make sure your band name is something evocative of the American Spirit. Your Toads the Wet Sprocket need not apply.


Belle & Sebastian - Belle & Sebastian


In appropriate fashion, "Belle & Sebastian" is Belle & Sebastian's Belle-&-Sebastianiest song, which is saying a lot. Given its waveringly nostalgic vocals, lugubrious baseline, and splashy cymbals, this is definitely a Belle & Sebastian song.


Iron Maiden - Iron Maiden


Have you noticed the hidden theme running through these bands? They're all silly. Sure, Iron Maiden and Belle & Sebastian are silly in different ways, but nobody, not even their biggest fans, take any of these bands too seriously.

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